Instrumentation engineer

International - Belgique, Liège
5 ans

Descriptif du poste

Context of Need
With industry always keen to take advantage of the latest technological developments without
negatively affecting life on Earth, John Cockerill endeavours to improve the performance of
production facilities and infrastructures whilst also making them more resource-efficient and
environmentally friendly. The John Cockerill Industry offering comprises the Equipment and
services for the treatments of steels and nonferrous metals relating to reheating furnaces,
pickling, acid regeneration, cold rolling, strip processing and automation
John Cockerill Industry has branches in North America, Germany, Belgium, China, France,
India and benefits from the global geographic footprint of the John Cockerill Group.
Industry - The metals engineering teams execute projects for customers in Europe, Asia
and the Americas in the range of several to tens of millions of euros. These include either
upgrades to existing furnaces at the processing lines or the supply of new furnaces for
processing lines.
Electrical, Instrumentation and automation engineering and supply is an essential part of those
projects. Industry - Metal Technology focuses on the latest trends and products in electrical,
Instrumentation automation engineering and focuses on time design and on efficient
maintenance and operation of equipment to satisfy customers.

Main Duties
We are looking for a detail-oriented Instrumentation Engineer (she/he) to ensure the
definition of instrumentation and control valves for the furnaces at the processing lines.
Instrumentation Engineer is responsible for technical aspects design specification selection
of instrumentation and control valves. Instrumentation Engineer will be Creating
specifications doing safety or process calculation or verification, keeping in a mind the quality
and environmental standards for the realization of a project. He will be doing or updating the
The Instrumentation Engineer (she/he) has experience in the areas of industrial furnaces
heated by gases with protective atmospheres.
She/he is mainly Responsible and in charge of:
· Definition of the basic technical parameters and requirements for the installation and
operation of the instrumentation.
· Writing technical specifications for procurement of the Instrumentation and control
valves in a range from the individual components to complete sets.
· Write datasheets for the exchange of information with the customers but also the
validation of the instruments…
· Works in close collaboration with the buyers for the management of the purchasing
process, the contact with the suppliers, the management of the documents requested
in the technical specifications, the technical problems encountered, the reception of the
devices as soon as they are delivered...
· Is well informed about the standards used in the industry for the furnaces and mainly
the use of the gases.
· Participate to Defining the safety concept, HAZOP and doing the ATEX calculation for
the equipment in the zone with the gases like Oxygen, Hydrogens, Natural or Coke
Oven Gas.
· Doing the P&ID’s in the Autocad and in the Plant 3D P&ID’s software’s.
· Writing and updating the instrumentation list.
· Making the I/O (Input and output) list.
· Grouping of instrumentation and valves for the connections to the junction boxes or the
RIO (Remote IO).
· Inputs for the localisation of the components at the main layout.
· Realizing the Hook-up drawings with Bill of material.
· Doing the technical evaluation to select vendors and so supporting the procurement
department in supplier’s selections.
· Calculation of the orifices.

As a considerable asset, but not necessarily required, is the experience of :
· Definition of the functionalities of the Furnaces and Writing functional description /
analysis for furnaces or other process, with focus on regulation, interlocks, sequences
is an assets.
· Writing manuals for the furnace’s operation and commissioning, with focus on
regulation, interlocks, sequences.
Upon completion of the engineering work, he/she will be :
· Supporting site activities during the installation/commissioning phase.
· Providing return of experience.
· Responsible for completeness of engineering/documentation records and "as built"
Essential for Instrumentation Engineer is to execute the project with Application of the
Design Process and with Defence of John Cockerill’s interests in an appropriate way in front
of Customers and Suppliers,
The Instrumentation Engineer works in two axis, one is project oriented, the second is the
hierarchical organization of the Engineering teams
The Instrumentation Engineer is involved in the following processes:
· Project Design Reviews, ie basic design, detail design
· Project progress meetings,
· Project technical coordination meetings.
· EIA team coordination meetings
, She/he will be
· Part of the E&IA team or Thermal team
· Reporting to the project manager and the E&IA or Thermal team leader
· Working individually, but will be part of the project team, participate and provide input
during project review for any electrical and automation aspects
· supported by E&A or thermal team leader and E&A or thermal team as well as by
project team

Qualifications requises

You are civilian or industrial engineer and You have minimum 5 years’ experience in
instrumentation and P&ID’s.
In addition to French, you must have a sufficient level of English to be able to communicate
with suppliers or customers but also with your colleagues of our other worldwide sites as
mainly in North America or in India but also, with some colleagues working in the office.

You are Comfortable with international contacts and relationships, you communicate easily
and you are open to sharing your knowledge, ideas and you are available to your colleagues
with that knowledge.
You aim for results and you are not afraid to solve technical points
You know how to create concepts and at the same time, you know how to take a step back.
You understand the procedures put in place and can follow them in a rigorous way.
You will adhere to the essential values of John Cockerill such as Humanity, Commitment with
Innovation and Responsibility and Customer orientation.