Technical project management
Technical management of the project engineers and technicians
Management of the implementation, manufacturing and production planning
Coordination of the technical fields related to the project: design, specification, validation, tuning
Supervision of projects and installations - on budget and on deadline -
Pre-commissioning and commissioning (start-up) carried out by subcontractors
Client support in his undertakings and planning supervision of all the to-do tasks.
Plant start-up
Management of customers and suppliers
Pre and Post sales technical customer support

Project management
Project Audit – Technical solutions roll-out support – Feasibility / Impact assessments
Client project management
Supervision of processes, planning, building site improvements analysis (reporting, charts, quality tools)
Technical and financial risks analysis - project control (costs, milestones)
Project quality, system or process quality, Risk and operation analysis , design check, HAZOP, FMEA, 5S methods
HSE (ISO 14001, ISO 9001), Seveso certification





Technical engineering
Exploration, oil production, (Geology, geophysics, seismic calculations), drilling, reservoir
Hydraulics and energy calculations: mass and thermal balance - Flow calculations in pipeworks
Fluids supervision, cementing, wastes management
Mechanical engineering, CAD, fluids, frame, civil engineering
Electrical engineering, sizing, risk assessments,
System engineering: specifications, design, architecture, system integration
Engine tuning
Pre-sales and post-sales customer Support – Resident engineer
Process engineering
Process engineering, sizing, tooling, specifications
Pre-project detailed specifications
Basic engineering - Pipeworks, Fluids flow plan, instrument diagram PID, PIDs checking)






Plant start-up, management of sub-contractors
Supervision of building sites
Assessment of electrical sub-stations
Sizing, Studies, technical coordination
Civil engineering/Frames, pipeworks, welding